Review: “Annie Get Your Gun” opens with a bang


Mr. Bob Killmer.

Collin McCormick as Frank Butler and Katelyn Marcovecchio as Annie Oakley duel on stage.

“Annie Get Your Gun” opened this past Wednesday at BPHS with fun western styled music bringing the curtain up to reveal a cast of talented individuals.

The opening cast stars Katelyn Marcovecchio as Annie Oakley and Collin McCormick as Frank Butler.  Both stunned audiences with amazing range and vocal control.

A particular highlight was the classic song “Anything You Can Do,” which really gave Marcovecchio and McCormick a chance to show off their vocal abilities.  McCormick’s smooth bass voice, in particular, was a hot topic after the show.

Another highlight was Achut Krishnachand’s portrayal of Chief Sitting Bull.  He delivered his lines perfectly and provided excellent comedy to the musical.

The soundtrack was excellent and Marcovecchio was wonderful in all of her big solo moments.  The plot was a little dated and not very inspirational.  Annie changed so much to please Frank who was obviously insecure and wanted a “dainty” woman who shouldn’t be better than him in any way.  However, the music made up for it and the show was enjoyable.

Every one of the students worked really hard and it showed on stage.  I’m sure the rest of the nights will be just as excellent as the first night, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to get tickets.  You’re in for a real treat!  “Annie Get Your Gun” is showing Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m.