When in playoff mode, the Pens can win again!

With the Penguins making playoffs again this year and looking fairly solid in their first series win against the Flyers, the question emerges… Do the Pens have another Stanley Cup run in them?

The Penguins have won the past two years and don’t look to stop, the lineup of the Pens roster is incredible especially during playoffs. Even though the Penguins did not have the best season this year, they have definitely made the switch to playoff mode and it is stunning when they are in this mode. They look to definitely be able to at least give a very compelling run for the Cup.

I took to the halls of BPHS to ask the students if the Pens have what it takes for another year on top.

When asked if the Pens would three-peat, senior Ty Miller said, “Yes, I think they have more talent than any team in the league and understand what it takes.”

Junior Alex Mullen said, “Oh for sure, we got mad potential this year!”

“Yea… yea they have the depth and the playoff experience for another Cup,” junior George Tomko confirmed.

Without question, fans clearly think another Cup is in the future for the Penguins. However they still have a long way to go and a lot more hockey to be played.