Students inducted into Quill and Scroll International Honors Society


Brad Kszastowski

11 out of the 16 students inducted into the Quill & Scroll Honor Society participated in the ceremony.

16 students who participate in newspaper, yearbook, literary magazine, and media productions were inducted into the Quill and Scroll International Honors Society on Tuesday, May 30.

These students are Benjamin Cannon, Clark Cekus, Ryan Culhane, Helena Gable, Reilly Keen, Jacob Kelly, David Lindsey, Luka Maracic, Camryn Priddy, Quinlan Reynolds, Markos Stark, Kaelyn Ward, Nicholas Whalen, Elena Wiernik, Allison Wolling, Joshua Zahniser.

The requirements for this include being a senior, junior, or second-semester sophomore. It also requires students to be in the upper third of their class. They also have to demonstrate outstanding work and have been nominated by their journalism advisor.

The Quil and Scroll originated in 1926.  Bethel Park joined the Quil and Scroll in 1947.  The purpose is to reward students for their work in broadcast journalism, journalism, and literary magazine.

The quaint ceremony took place in the LGI Room and began at 6:30 p.m.

Students gathered before the ceremony and got their lines ready. When it started, Dr. Youngs gave a little information about its history and just about the honor. 

Mr. Allemang then got to talk about his newspaper staff as well as the yearbook members. He talked about all of their accomplishments within the class.

Mr. Allemang said: “I am extremely proud of our Quill and Scroll inductees. They are the unsung heroes of the school. They work extremely hard behind the scenes and don’t always get recognized for it because they are always highlighting the achievements of other students. It’s nice for them to formally get recognition for their hard work.”

After, Mr. K talked about all of his students in the morning news. 

Mr. K said: “The students that were inducted from Black Hawk TV are students that have shown leadership in the class over that past school year.  These students are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the morning news as well as the filming of the musical and play.  Without them, the news would not be produced every day.”

Dr. Youngs went on to talk about his club, Vernissage, and his student’s amazing work.

After, a guest speaker Christine Bryan spoke about her work in communications. She is the Director of Communications and Development at Persad Center.

Next was the presentation of honors. Dr. Youngs talked about the Quill and Scroll pin and just gave some more information about the honor. 

The students got to participate in the “Light of Truth” ceremony. Each student got to read a little paragraph and light a candle.

Shortly after the candle lighting, each student got called up and received their official Quill and Scroll certificate.

The Quill and Scroll Induction was an amazing event. Congratulations to all students involved!