Music Department students sweep South Carolina


Shelley Crowe

BPHS Music Department students are all smiles on Myrtle Beach.

The BPHS music department recently returned in decorated fashion from its spring trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

All in all, every group won first place. They claimed nine superior awards and one excellent award.

“The directors are abundantly proud of the students for their performance success and for being exemplary models for behavior at all times,” Mr. Thompson said. “We are forever grateful to be a part of this learning experience and hope that we continue to bring a sense of pride to Bethel Park as a district and community for many years to come.”

The bus ride to the beach was quite brutal and long, taking all five buses about 14 total hours to arrive. All students were eager to arrive.

The hotel they stayed at was very friendly and had a lot of space for students to enjoy. A lot of student’s favorite part was, of course, the coffee shop in the hotel, and the gift shop.

The next day started very early as it was the most important day of the trip: Adjudication Day. This is the day each group performed for judges.

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble were the band performances.  String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra were the string performances. Top 21 performed as well. Lastly, the majorettes and Bethettes performed a routine each.

On Saturday, students had a ton of free time in the pool and on the beach. Students were seen playing in the salty waves, relaxing by the pool, or even eating a snack inside.

Later on, they bussed to a nice dinner and watched a very well-set-up show. The students got crowns and were dining like they were actually in medieval times.

When the show was over, the award ceremony began.

Mr. Kuczawa, who teaches chorus, was beyond proud of all his students.

“I’m very proud of our students’ performances both on and off the stage,” he said. “The musical performances were top-notch and were recognized by the judges.  The students also handled themselves very well in the hotel and throughout the trip, representing Bethel Park well at all times.  The directors couldn’t be more proud.”

BPHS also received the Dr. Tim Lautzenhiser Espirit de Corps Award, as well as the William D. Revelli “Best Overall Concert Band” and the Best Overall Orchestra.

Saturday night, students returned to the hotel ecstatic about their winnings.

On Sunday, it was planned to be a beach and pool day, all day; however, the weather had different plans. 

In the depressing pouring rain, students made the most of it. Board games, cards, and activities were offered, and a nacho bar was set up as well.

A few hours after breakfast was served, the rain stopped and students made their way down to the pool. 

The beach was off-limits due to the riptide warning, but a few hours in the sun was greatly appreciated.

Buses arrived a few hours later, and everyone was on the way to shop! Students got the chance to shop, look around, take pictures, and eat ice cream before the last dinner as a group.

At this restaurant, students enjoyed the interactive wait staff, who danced, made jokes, and even let all the students throw napkins after the last song onto the bottom floor where other guests sat.

The group finished the night by singing the Alama Mater together before the buses arrived. 

The next morning came fast, almost too fast. The day ahead was long, and students were sad to leave the wonderful, warm beach.

The 13, almost 14-hour bus ride was very long, and most were happy to be home after all.

Congratulations to all students who went on the trip!