Vernissage valentines for sale!


Vernissage staff

The Vernissage literary magazine is selling $1 valentines during lunch periods.

It’s that time of year! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. The best way to celebrate those you love most is by purchasing a Vernisage valentine at lunch!

Vernissage, the school’s literary magazine club, is hosting its yearly Valentine’s Day fundraiser. They have been working hard to create the cards early, due to their huge success last February. 

Students have the opportunity to choose a small poem, write a small message, and chose a small piece of candy for their valentine. 

The cards can say, “I like you,”  “Happy Valentines Day,” or “I love you.” Students can choose what phrase they prefer.

The students will be selling these during all lunch periods, from Feb. 1- 8

They will be handed out in homeroom on Valentine’s Day, so make sure you know what homeroom your valentine will be in!

The editor-in-chief of the club, Margret Mateya thinks everyone should buy a valentine. She said, “Buying the valentines supports the Vernissage Club and promotes future students to join. It’s also a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.”

“We started it last year, and we are excited and hopeful to do it again this year,” Sydney Edwards, a current Vernissage member, said.

Hailey Luntz, a freshman Vernissage member will be selling the valentines during 7th period. She said, “People should buy the valentines because it’s a unique and passionate way of showing the ones you love that you care while supporting local artists in the Vernissage Club.”

“They are a great way to do something nice for somebody you like, whether that’s a friend or somebody else,” said committed Vernissage member, Margret Pivetz.

Dr. Youngs, the club sponsor said, “Valentines are a nice way to let somebody know you care about them and are thinking about them, plus buying a valentine helps your school’s literary club magazine.”

The valentines are only $1. The sale takes place under the stairs at the counters in the cafe. Any student is welcome to purchase them! Please consider supporting the literary magazine club!