What’s #trending in da Burgh today?

Top trends in the Pittsburgh area

Hawk Eye Staff

Top trends in the Pittsburgh area

As for today with what’s #trending in da Burgh, there seems to be a trend of a more thoughtful approach. Ranking at No. 1 is #TuesdayThoughts, which includes people’s thoughts on what’s going on in the world or even in their personal lives.

Ranking at No. 2 is #ElectionDay. Area voters can vote for Judge of the Superior Court, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, County Chief Executive, County Controller, District Attorney, County Treasurer, Member of County Council At-Large, Member of County Council, and School Director. In the Bethel Park School Director election, there are five incumbents running (David Amaditz, Donna Cook, Jim Means, Ronald Werkmeister, and Barry Christenson) and five challengers (Vincent Scalzo, James Modrak, Shayna McCracken Willis, Darren McGregor, and Kimberly Walsh-Turner).

No. 3 is #OTAs. The Steelers rookie minicamp is happening in da Burgh, which is an exciting time for the Steelers due to the fact they chose Devin Bush, Jr. in the first round as a 10th overall pick. There are some big hopes for Devin to step in and be a key player.

Throughout the week, top hashtags will continue to change as time goes on, news changes and life moves closer to Friday.