e-Hallpasses in full effect at BPHS


Hawk Eye Staff

e-Hallpass from a student’s view

As the final days of the 2018-19 school year start to wind down, there are new orders being issued upon the student body. Whether the opinions are positive or negative, there is no mistaking that kids have begun to use the new e-Hallpasses.

In its first three days, 3,285 e-Hallpasses were issued.  Of those, 2,062 were restroom passes. Have there been fewer fire alarms pulled? Or fewer vapers crawling the halls? Only time will tell. Will this change be a change for good? Some students shared their opinions on the matter.

“At first I was slightly iffy on the whole idea, but as I finally decided to use it, I realized that it isn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be,” said junior Joey Bova.

As the students enter the swing of the new hall pass movement, many others share this same mindset. “I do not feel that that this change is for better or for worse, I just feel that it is a waste of time,” senior Nick Guimond voiced.

There is a wide variety of opinions in this melting pot we call Bethel Park High School. Whether or not this idea carries into next year with success is a story that will be told with time.