Varghese, Hebestreit, Bauer win Gold Awards


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Bethel Park’s very own seniors Jerry Varghese and Sonja Hebestreit and junior Jacob Bauer scored among the highest in the region on the 2019 National German Exam, earning them Gold Awards.

Varghese scored in the 96th percentile and Sonja scored in the 94th percentile on the Level 4 Exam. 98 students in the region took the exam, and Varghese’s score was the second highest and Habestreit’s score was the fourth highest.

“It was challenging, but with some hard work and persistence, our highly prepared German students were ready to excel on the Exam,” Varghese said.

Bauer scored in the 91st percentile on the Level 3 Exam. 163 students in the area took the Exam, and Bauer’s score was the ninth highest.

Additionally, 19 other students took the Exam and scored high.

Seniors Will Coplan, Holly Troesch, Eve Rosemeier, Alec Wilson, Alyssa Iampietro and Jaysen Snyder and juniors Lily Wilson, Brandon Janus, and Logan Zivic all scored in the 80th percentile or higher on the Level 4 Exam, earning them Silver Awards. Wilson’s score was the seventh highest in the region and Janus’s and Zivic’s scores were the ninth highest.

As for the Level 3 Exam, sophomores Olivia Tabler and Johnatan Ivanov won Silver Awards as well.

Sophomore Ben Sommer and junior Alex Murphy earned Bronze Awards.

Honorable Mentions included: juniors Marissa Disori, Sawyer D’Andrea and Anthony Martinelli and sophomores Abby Cannon, Kerrianne Troesch and Ben Rutherford.

All students are taught and coached by BPHS German teacher Mr. Tobias.

Congratulations to all these students who scored well on the 2019 National German Exam. All their hard work and dedication to the German language and heritage truly paid off. Good luck to the students with their future endeavors.