Breaking News: SparkNotes is unblocked


Kevin Dooley via Flickr, cc

A typical shelf of SparkNotes.

Congratulations to all procrastinators, SparkNotes has recently been unblocked on student Chromebooks!  Access to a plethora of annotated books is now available for your reading pleasure.

“I am ecstatic! Finally, a good resource for my English books has become available,” said senior Lizzy Partsch.

Although SparkNotes has a reputation for being used for shortcuts, it truly is a great resource for students.  It can be used to help navigate a book and pull the most important quotes to help with their homework.

When asked about whether he thinks SparkNotes is a good resource, Chair of the English Department Dr. Youngs said, “Yes, as long as students do their own thinking and use it in conjunction with the actual book.”

The school never directly blocked SparkNotes.  The program that it used blocks a bunch of sites when it’s installed, and SparkNotes was put into the category of dishonesty and therefore blocked.

SparkNotes is now available for student use.