BPHS resurrects restroom policy due to recent threats


Bethel Park School District

AN UNSETTLING MESSAGE is one of first things parents/guardians and staff saw as they opened their inbox Thursday evening.

BPHS students may only leave their class one-at-a-time during their regular class period to use the restroom, and they are not allowed to go in between classes.

They [the students] are also limited to using the restrooms outside of the academic wing. So, students in the music wing will have to walk to the 4th-floor restrooms, and the restrooms outside of the cafeteria will only be accessible during regular lunch periods.

Locker room usage will also be limited. Which means that after students leave the locker room for gym, the doors will lock behind them. So, no one is able to get in during the period.

This is all due to “troubling/offensive graffiti messages written in a BPHS bathroom,” specifically a message that threatened the school on Friday, Nov. 9, according to an email from BPHS principal Dr. Zeb Jansante.

The email addressed to BPHS parents/guardians and staff sent out on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 3:46 p.m. also said: “BPSD will not tolerate behavior that interferes with any student’s education, creates a threatening, intimidating, or abusive environment; affects another’s opportunities; or disrupts the orderly operation of our schools. Students who cause this type of disruption to our school will be subject to discipline as outlined in our Student Code of Conduct, which may include expulsion, fines and jail time.”

A similar message was sent out shortly after to the entire BPSD family from superintendent Dr. Pasquerilla.

The Bethel Park Police Department will periodically be performing unannounced protective sweeps in and around the building.

But until the school can identify the person(s) behind those disturbing messages in the restroom, school will be cancelled on Friday, Nov. 9 just to be safe. And the day will be made up later on in the school year.

It is encouraged that you call Dr. Jansante’s office at 412-854-8584 if you have questions about any of the safety procedures listed above.

And if anyone has any information on who wrote the threats, they are encouraged to call the BPPD at 412-833-2000 and tell them what they know.