CIM students construct very own robots


Nick Guimond

WITH CAREFUL PRECISION, CIM students, seniors Ian Materkowski and Cullen Stewart work on their robot.

Mr. K’s CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) class is beginning to test their very own robots. Although the class is relatively small, this CIM class is accomplishing major feats.

After a few weeks of designing and learning basic coding, the class has finally begun to put together their own robots. The class uses a preset VEX robotics kit for constructing these robots and they run on a basic program, RobotC.

Nick Guimond
WIRED IN, CIM student, senior Dan Sounik works on programming his robot.

Students get to enjoy the experience of problem-solving with freedom. Currently, the task of their robots is simply to follow a black line on the floor. The only hitch is that the robots must accomplish this basic task alone with a preset program and design from the students’ groups. The class has taken to creating several unique robots in their groups and have been testing their designs.

Nick Guimond
PROUDLY POISED, CIM student, senior Justin Fish is ready to test his robot.

All of the students were thoroughly involved in their group work and excited to be working. When asked about the class experience, senior Chris Toth said,”It’s a good class and I’m excited to come in every day.”

Nick Guimond
READY FOR ACTION, CIM students, seniors Nick Guimond and Chris Toth’s robot is fully assembled and operational.

BPHS is home to many hidden gems, such as this class. Hopefully, more students will think about taking classes like this one in years to come.