Five tips to survive finals week


It’s that time of the school year that most students dread. It is finals week!  This year, however, the finals schedule is a little different than in the past. In an effort to alleviate stress on the students, the finals have been spread out. Below is the schedule.

During this time, many students start to get frustrated and stressed with the idea of preparing and studying for their big tests. Here are five tips to help stay calm and survive the stressful week…

  • Get a good amount of sleep– Many students think it’s a good idea to stay up all night to study, although it’s the worst thing you can do. Getting a good amount of sleep will help you power through your tests.
  • Eat well– Eating a good breakfast before leaving for school is very important. Eating healthy foods such as proteins, fruits or whole grains will leave you feeling great. Eating junk food or not eating at all will leave you feeling exhausted and powerless.
  • Stay active– Exercise when you can! It helps your blood to flow to your brain. Simple things such as walking, climbing stairs, and crunches can help you stay active.
  • Stay away from your phone– Your phone can be very distracting during studying. A good tip is to shut your phone off and put it in a place where you can’t see it. After you’re done studying, use your phone as a reward.
  • Take study breaks– Studying for too long can cause you to not focus or remember things at all. Remember to study for at least 15 minutes and then take a break. You don’t want to overwhelm your brain with too much information at one time.

Remember to work hard and stay on task! Put your worries aside, relieve your stress and power through your tests. Soon finals week will be over and summer will be right around the corner. Good luck!