Eight students recognized for their work in journalism


The eight inductees form a half circle around the candle of truth, which symbolizes a journalists commitment to the truth.

There are only a few students who have the determination and skill to participate in yearbook, newspaper, literary magazine, and video production.  It’s hard work and requires a lot of time.  So, to honor some of these hardworking students, they were inducted into the honors society for high school journalists called Quill & Scroll on Tuesday, May 30.

The students who were inducted excelled in the areas that they worked in.  Morgan McGrath, Stephanie Kroll, Elizabeth Partsch, and Regan Gray were inducted for their work in the newspaper.  Hannah Bridge, Jennelle Wu, and Jacob Marcovecchio were inducted for their work in yearbook.  Finally, David Peterson was inducted for his work in video production.  

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Special guest speaker Jen Saffron came to speak to the students about her experiences in journalism and the importance of journalism.  She is the Communications Director of the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.  She has worked both locally and internationally in many documentary, research, and journalism projects.

Congratulations to all new members of the Quill & Scroll Honor Society and a special thank you to Mr. Youngs who organized the event and Jen Saffron for coming to speak.