Saltworks Theater Company to REACH out to students

Saltworks Theater Company will proudly present “Off Script” to the BPHS students on Monday, Jan. 30 in the auditorium. 

The homeroom will be two hours long.  The school will follow bell schedule F-6 (two one-hour homerooms). The Juniors and Seniors will go to see the play in the first hour and the Sophomores and Freshmen will see it in the second hour.  

This play is part of the REACH program.  Every other forty minute homeroom is a REACH homeroom where they usually show a video about substance abuse, peer pressure, prescription drugs, or dating violence.  With this play, REACH is hoping to get through to more students by doing something different.  

The play is about three students in who all share their drug abuse stories.  The play has five scenes.  Scene One introduces the three students, and Scenes Two through Four focuses on one student at a time.  Scene Five wraps it up with the three students describing their shared experience and giving some insight on lessons learned.