Stuff-A-Bus with lots of toys!


You may have seen a big bus all decorated in the drop off area in front of the school.  If you have, that’s the Stuff-A-Bus waiting to be filled with toys.

Stuff-A-Bus is a part of the charity Play-It-Forward Pittsburgh.  There are a number of clubs in the school that are working together on this effort including PACS, NHS, and SGA.

The goal is to stuff the bus with toys for less fortunate families.  You can bring in toys for all age groups and you can even get $5 off your Glowfest ticket if you donate a toy.

The toys should be practical, surprising, and educational.  They can even be gently used.  Please do not give blankets or stuffed animals.

The last day to turn in toys is the morning of Dec. 15.

When asked about why students should give toys, Dr. J. said, “It’s a great time during the season to help out.”

Make sure to donate whatever you can and help out someone in need this holiday season!