The leaves are falling, Santa’s calling, and Fall Play is coming


Cortney Falce

Michael (Greydon Tomkowitz) settles a dispute between Kate (Alexandria Zallo) and Mattie (Chelsea Hallman) in this year’s Fall Play ‘Second Star.’

For several weeks, students have been putting in countless hours after school preparing for this year’s Fall Play. Fall Play is a tradition that happens every November and this year the students have chosen to perform Second Star. Second Star shines on Thursday, Nov. 10; Friday, Nov. 11; and Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:30 PM each night.

Second Star is a comedy about a play within a play. Second Act Theater is about to close so the theater’s managing director Kate, played by senior Alexandria Zallo, tries to put together one last benefit featuring some of the theater’s alumni in a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The cast only has two weeks to put together this leading to a hilarious clash of comedy and hot tempers among cast and crew.

Senior Alexandria Zallo stars as Kate, while Chelsea Hallman plays the role of Mattie who is a Broadway star and famous alumnus of Second Star Theater, and junior Greydon Tomkowitz assumes the role of Micheal who is an actor at Second Act Theater as well as the financial director and close friend of Kate’s.

When asked about why she likes fall play, sophomore Anna Miklos said, “ The bond that we all have, it really is like a family.”

Junior Sydney Watson agrees with her and said that the people are her favorite part.  These students are huge theater enthusiasts who joined to get experience.

Sydney Watson said, “I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was five so I saw the opportunity and I took it.  Miss Falce actually asked me to join.”

Miss Falce is the director of Fall Play and has been for many years.  When asked what keeps her coming back she said, “The students in fall play call it the fall play family.”

It is clear to anyone who sees that these students are excited and passionate about theater.  If you’re interested in seeing the play, come out and see what all of their hard work and dedication has made.