Bill Weld challenges Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination

On Monday, April 15, Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor, announced on CNN that he would be challenging Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020.  The announcement makes him the first Republican to challenge President Trump in the presidential race.

Bill Weld ran in the 2016 presidential race as the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Weld describes himself as economically conservative but willing to work across the aisle to “get things done” as well as having a bipartisan cabinet.

Although Trump has an approval rating of 90% from the Republican party, Weld feels confident that he will be able to defeat Trump in the race for the nomination.  However, Weld says that if he were to lose the Republican nomination, he would not be running as a third-party candidate.

“It is time for patriotic men and women across our great nation to stand and plant the flag.  It is time to return to the principles of Lincoln– equality, dignity, and opportunity for all.  There is no greater cause on earth than to preserve what truly makes America great.  I am ready to lead that fight,” he said.