What does the Biden Presidency plan for the future?

The Biden campaign made a lot of big promises for his upcoming presidency and continues to make enticing proposals about the country’s future.

Presidential historians are calling Biden’s plans monumental and something not seen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Lyndon B. Johnson.

Firstly, infrastructure. The United State’s infrastructure currently ranks 13th in the world, behind the United Arab Emirates. President Biden wants to change this.

He plans to propose a massive package that would not only bolster the country’s infrastructure but create millions of jobs for America’s unemployed. The question is, however, if he can get the votes to do so.

The Democrats have control of the House and Senate, but there are a few key Democratic senators that have said that they will not end the filibuster causing the holdup on Biden’s stellar ideas.

Another big plan of Joe Biden’s is his vision for voting rights across the country. He wants to make it so that as many citizens in the country as possible can vote in elections. He recently slammed the Georgia voter suppression laws passed, calling them “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Biden also wants to expand on Medicare with more worker benefits and lower expenses. This would make the progressive dream of universal “Medicare for all” one step closer to a possibility.

However, these major advances Biden wants to make can only happen if the filibuster is broken. As stated, two Democratic senators, Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (WV) have openly opposed ending the filibuster. This would make Biden’s job much more difficult.

Right now, Biden doesn’t have the advantages that FDR and LBJ had. Roosevelt was dealing with the Great Depression, so his New Deal policies passed with overwhelming support from both sides. Johnson had the advantage of facing an increasingly frightening Republican Party in the 1964 elections. He won handily, and the Democrats took a supermajority (68-32) in the Senate. This allowed Johnson to ram through all of his progressive bills at once, with almost all of them passing.

The Democrats only have a 51-50 majority in the Senate, so one Democratic vote is all that is needed for a bill to be struck down.

We can only hope that the Democratic Party wins back some seats in the senate so that Biden can finally start to transform this country for the better.