Opinion: BPSD cannot force students to turn their cameras on

Starting on March 8th, BPHS switches to full-time learning with all students able to attend. However, students still have the choice whether to attend school in person or attend remotely from home. For those who are remotely learning, there are new rules that are being implemented.

The school district’s superintendent has made an announcement in regards to the new requirements for online students. Students who are online are required to have their cameras on, and if they do not have their cameras on, they will be marked absent from class.

I personally believe that this is a complete violation of every student’s privacy. I attend school four days a week and have been ever since we began school, so I speak for the other students rather than myself.

There are obvious reasons why students don’t put their camera on during class, whether it’s because they are nervous, not presentable, sleeping, etc., or because of their home-life situation. All of these factors are some reasons why students don’t turn their cameras on.

On the other hand, I also understand why the district wants the students to have their cameras on. Teachers never know whether the students in their online classes are actually present learning the lesson or whether they’re not.

Rather than punishing the students who don’t feel comfortable turning their cameras on, the teachers should reward the students who have their cameras on. This allows the students to still have an option but also have an incentive for turning their camera on.