You are never too old to go Trick or Treating


Hawk Eye Staff

Students participate in the 2019 Halloween costume contest.

Many people believe that there is an age limit on Trick or Treating. However, there is no age limit for Trick or Treating, and letting yourself accept that there is an age limit is just prohibiting yourself from staying young as long as you can.

I believe that you can Trick or Treat until you are out of high school, and I personally still go out Trick or Treating every year with my friends.

The reason I think everyone should go out Trick or Treating is that it makes good memories for you and your friends, you get free candy, and it is a good form of exercise. For the past couple of years, my friend Jaden Goodman and I have made unforgettable memories going around together every Halloween.

Can you name anything better than getting FREE candy??? I’m sure you can’t, and if you make out good on candy, you will have a supply of candy that will last you months if you don’t eat it all too fast.

I believe that the people who give high schoolers a hard time for going out Trick or Treating and claiming that they are “too old” for it are people who “grew up too fast” and are upset that they did not enjoy their teenage years so they think that you can’t enjoy yours.

You should take advantage of going Trick or Treating while you can so that you can make childhood memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life, and always remember to not let yourself grow up too fast.