WPIAL basketball should have a shot clock


South Dakota Public Broadcasting

A shot clock in use during a college basketball game.

There are a lot of arguments about having a shot clock in WPIAL basketball games. A lot of people think it’s a great idea, while others argue otherwise. I strongly believe that there should be a shot clock.

Today, high school basketball teams can hold the ball as long as they want. Most teams don’t like playing against a zone defense, so they decide to hold the ball and not play against it. While teams do this, the crowd gets very disinterested. People didn’t pay money to come watch a team hold the ball. Having a shot clock would resolve this issue.

Requiring a shot clock would make the game more intense and more fun to watch. College basketball is a lot of fun to watch because of how uptempo it is. In high school basketball, the games sometimes are very low scoring. As you notice in college, the games are always high in scoring. When there is more scoring, the game is more fun to watch.

“I feel like they need to require shot clocks because I am sick of people holding the ball,” said junior guard Juliana Carbone.

A shot clock would be a very good addition to high school basketball in the WPIAL.