BPSD slipped with no delay call

BPSD failed to call a delay when students and families genuinely needed it Monday, Feb. 11. With the recent amount of closures in the District over the winter weather, waking up to no message from the District on Monday morning was a surprise to many.

The surprise came from the lack of delay in the morning, which caused student drivers to have to bear the slush-covered roads and heavy snowfall.

As they came into school, student drivers were taking their time and exercising great caution with the road conditions. These hardships were in fact recognized by the school. During Monday’s homeroom, Dr. J announced the extension of roll-call throughout the entirety of homeroom rather than the usual 7:25 a.m. cutoff.

During the morning, many student drivers found it difficult to get to school.

Senior student-driver Alex Mullen said, “My baby girl (his Nissan Maxima) almost died because they didn’t clear my road.”

With these conditions, it was inevitable that there would be at least some accidents. Senior student-driver George Tomko said, “I witnessed an accident involving other students which was caused by the lack of treatment of the roads.”

Even with this brief view of the morning through only a few students’ eyes, it is reasonable to conclude that there was a need for a delay. With other schools in the area calling in delays, it is a wonder what the District was thinking when they decided to keep school on its regular morning schedule.