Student Voices: What would you wish for?

If you had a “Genie in a bottle” and were granted three wishes, what would they be?

I asked a couple of my friends during school what their wishes would be and this is what they had to say.

Junior Sami Huwe said, “My wishes would be to be famous, have unlimited wishes, and to live a crazy fun life.”

“Definitely always have my family be healthy, be successful in school, and unlimited amount of money,” stated junior Maggie Toomey.

Freshman Logan Wright replied, “I would wish to have self-motivation, be able to meet Michael Jordan, and to be naturally intelligent.”

“This is a hard one but, the only thing I would wish for is happiness,” said sophomore Ryan Meis.

Senior Tanner Volpatti said, “I would wish to be able to go back and play high school football again, have one-hundred million dollars, and to stay young forever.”

Senior Candice Chalus said, “I would wish for endless supply of money, eat anything without gaining weight, and invisibility when I desire.”

So, what would your wishes be? Leave a comment!