Students should be allowed to leave during study hall or lunch

You are sitting in study hall, when suddenly you remember that you forgot your history textbook in your locker.  You were planning to study for the big test tomorrow and so you get up and begin to walk to your locker.  Then, you hear a shout and you turn around to face a lecture from an overly strict teacher that you don’t even know.

Study hall and lunch is a chance for students to relax and take time to socialize.  It’s also a time used to study and prepare for their classes.  Sometimes students forget homework or assignments in their lockers or they want to get extra help from a teacher before their class but they don’t have a pass.

Strict lunch proctors and study hall teachers make it very difficult for students to complete basic assignments.  Students should be allowed and trusted to go to their locker, teacher, or classroom to learn and better their education.  

Sophomore Lizzy Partsch said, “People always say that education should be first, but the fact that we can’t even get our books shows otherwise.”

The rules for leaving lunch study hall should be more relaxed.  Teachers need to know that students aren’t always just messing around but are serious about their classes and want to succeed.