Should writing be considered a lost art?

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

Hundreds of local newspapers are shutting down and closing their doors for good because people don’t want to read them, write them, or because online resources show no use for paper newspapers.

Journalists, poets and even authors seem to be declining as the technology world seems to increase, so what’s happening, is writing a lost art?

According to, in one of the largest daily newspapers in New Jersey, The Star Ledger, 45% of their staff took buyouts after the company, Advance Publications, threatened to sell the paper if the cuts weren’t made.

This is also happening in bigger newspapers such as The New York Times where cash reserves are falling and debt is downgraded.

Although those are only a few examples of newspapers shutting down, the effect is massive. Think about what the world would be like if no one could even purchase a simple newspaper and find out the daily news.

Creativity in thousands of people are being wasted because the job availability is downward spiraling. According to, since 2005 to 2015, there has been a 26% decline of journalists in the US. Lots of jobs and talent are being wasted because of this massive decline in journalism.

Now sure there are online newspapers, but how much time should we really be spending on technology? Phone usage is a big problem in the US, so why would we want to promote it by reading online newspapers instead of ones you could actually, physically hold?

On the other hand, poets and authors are also becoming more scarce due to the excessive amount of people spending time watching TV or browsing social media.

How will people have the creative juices to come up with these new ideas if they are brainwashed by technology? How would the people of America feel if the future President of United States couldn’t even write a simple speech? Is that what our future generations will look like?

Hopefully, somewhere along the way, people will see the importance and significance writing puts on the table, but as for now I would certainly say writing is a lost art.

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