Get to know Mrs. Smoller


Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

You might know who Mrs. Smoller is, but how much do you really know about her?

Mrs. Smoller attended Clemson University as an undergrad, then furthered her education by attending Robert Morris University for her Masters in Marketing.

Before she was a teacher, she worked in marketing and research, but decided to start attending night school and student teaching. She seemed to really enjoy teaching and was very happy that her job now was able to coincide both marketing and teaching.

Mrs. Smoller started teaching at BPHS in 2007, 10 years ago, and teaches Marketing, an elective students in all grades can take. She is also in charge of DECA, a marketing club that allows students to showcase their marketing and research skills.

She loves interacting with the students and “likes teaching high school because you actually get to help them decide what they want to do in the future and get them the experience that will help them in the future…”

Mrs. Smoller was also nominated for PA Teacher of the Year, and recently she was named a finalist. About that, she said, “It was an honor to be nominated by Dr. J to begin with… it was definitely an honor to represent our school…”

It’s no wonder she was nominated for such a high honor!

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