Get ready for ‘Shrek The Musical’ auditions


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Shrek, The Musical

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to be lead star of a Broadway musical, a dancer or just chorus member? Well this is close enough! Bethel Park musical auditions for Shrek The Musical, the Broadway musical, are just around the corner and you don’t want to miss out!

Auditions for Shrek are Monday, Nov. 14 and Tuesday, Nov. 15, located in the music wing. To try out for musical, you can pick up an audition packet in Room 436 in the music wing. You can also check out Director Mr. Todd Kuczawa’s music website for additional help on audition songs.

The musical starts out with Shrek, a lonely ogre, who meets Donkey, a magical donkey that can talk, but when Lord Farquaad needs a strong man to get him a lovely princess to wed, Shrek is just the ogre to do it. After beating the fierce dragon and saving princess Fiona, they go on a journey to find their way back to the castle,  but Shrek ends up falling in love with Fiona, and Fiona doesn’t turn out to be what she seems. Despite their love for each other, they have one obstacle to face, Lord Farquaad.

Mr. Kuczawa said they picked this musical because, “We looked at the types of singers we had, dancers, orchestra and scenery we needed,” and apparently Shrek was right for the role. He also said that, “We wanted a family friendly musical,” compared to their previous production Curtains.

In the musical, you can try out for a number of roles, from Shrek to Fiona, to Donkey to Gingy to Lord Farquaad. You can also try out for minor roles such as Pinocchio, Elf, Peter Pan, Wolf, and Sugar Plum Fairy.

Just remember, “Be ready to work hard and have a lot of fun along the way,”  said Mr. Kuczawa.

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