Students should be required to take an online class before they graduate

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

Today’s technology is rapidly growing and expanding. From iPhones to iWatchs to smart TVs, there is no doubt you can’t say technology has drastically changed in the last couple years. In fact, even former US president Bill Clinton states, “When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the World Wide Web… Now even my cat has its own page,” showing how popular the internet and social networking has become over the last couple years.

One of the most popular and important forms of technology is the expansion of online courses and classes offered in college and even in high school. Thousands of high school students will soon graduate, having the option to go to college or take online classes. But are students prepared for the technology and skills it takes to complete online college courses.

To complete online classes, it takes determination and lots of time management in order to organize and get it done on time. Though teachers are trying to incorporate more technology use in the classroom, hands-on experience would be more efficient in so many ways. Therefore, more students should be required to take an online course before they graduate in order to get the hands-on experience they need.

Perhaps students should take an online history or English class, or even a math or science class. Though it might be difficult without teacher or parental supervision, it would surely give students more responsibility and time management. On top of that, it would show how independent and ready they are to move on to college. Or maybe teachers could even  just inform incoming college students about technology use in college. However you choose to do it, learning more about technology use should definitely be an essential.

Even though technology has definitely been expanding in the field of education, don’t throw away your textbooks yet; just remember, “The most technologically efficient machine that a man has ever invented is the book,” said Northrop Frye.

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