Take a risk, give pole vaulting a try


Photo credit: Lizzy Partsch

Pole vaulters Maddie Werner, Rebecca Libell, Ryan Tischler, and Chris Garland pose with Coach Jacobs. Not pictured: Kat Kimes

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

“The biggest risk in life is always the one you don’t take,” said pole vaulting  Coach Jacobs.

The IMS track team is looking for students to put their fears aside and pick up a pole.

The pole vaulters have certainly had their share of fear, especially pole vaulter Maddie Werner, a senior at BPHS, who mentions how long it took her to show up to a practice out of fear.

The ferocious five vaulters consist of Rebecca Libell, Maddie Werner, Kat Kimes, Chris Garland and Ryan Tischler.

Despite their small size, they are one of the most courageous and hardworking athletes in the school.

The thought of flying through the air using a stick surely sounds insane, but overall “the thrill” is what Maddie says keeps her coming back every time.

They all have their own story of how they got involved, like Rebecca Libell who was encouraged by Mr. Schilling, IMS English teacher and track coach, or like Ryan Tischler who was encouraged by a family member, or even in all its simplicity, Kat Kimes who just saw a flyer in the school cafeteria. Though despite how they started, they all ended up on the same track.

They practice every day after school, on the track, doing a variety of different workouts, like running on the track, practicing vaulting, lifting weights, etc. They have meets frequently, to set new PRs or personal records and eventually to be able qualify for states/WPIALs.

Kat, who is a junior at BPHS, mentions how “It is really hard to get a new PR sometimes but that’s not something to be upset about because it feels really good when you do get a new PR, especially after working so hard for it for such a long time.”

Overall, one of the most effective and healthy ways to get active is to try something new, so we encourage you to come down and give it a try.

“If you don’t like it, then now you know for sure you don’t like it, instead of sitting there and debating should I try, should I not, I may have liked it, I may not of. Come out, try it, give it a shot, you may find something that you love a lot,” said Coach Jacobs.

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