Album Review: ‘Joanne’: same Gaga, different style

Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

In Joanne, released Oct. 21, Gaga displays strong vocals and demonstrates many different genres of music throughout her songs, including country, blues, and pop.

Throughout the album she uses powerful and emotional words to convey her personal life. Demonstrated  in songs songs such as Million Reasons and Joanne. Though, she also includes many songs with a country, pop taste and a hip beat,  including Diamond Heart, Come to Mama, and John Wayne.

In an interview on BBC Breakfast, Lady Gaga even said that her main goal of the album was to make it “fresh and hip,” but did she deliver?

“Diamond Heart” starts out with her strong bluesy voice and then kicks in with a strong beat, leading up to powerful climax, or chorus of the song. She uses strong lyrics like, “…. I’m not flawless, but I have a diamond heart,” displaying that she isn’t perfect, but she is a strong willed person, and precious in her own ways.

“Joanne”, one of her more personal songs, is inspired by her late aunt, who died at age 19. She sings about “ Joanne” leaving and even says, “ Girl, where do you think you’re going,” displaying a cry for help and denial of someone dying. Despite that this is probably one of her most emotional songs, I don’t feel it is the best song of the album.

“ Million Reasons” starts with her quiet, soft voice and a delicate piano playing in the background. Gradually, she gets into her powerful, yet soft voice in the chorus, including powerful notes that’ll literally vibrate your phone. This is definitely one her highlights of the album because of its strong, yet emotional background.

On the contrary, “John Wayne” displays more of a country, Carrie Underwood vibe, that definitely makes you want to clap along with the beat and put on your cowboy boots. As well as, “Come to Mama”  which displays an Amy Winehouse, bluesy sound and then kicks back into a 50s like beat throughout its chorus.

Despite the fact that Gaga’s album is definitely a twist from past albums, it’s definitely worth giving it a listen, I mean you can never go wrong with Gaga!

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