Athlete of the Week: Joseph Sager


Lizzy Partsch, Staff Writer

Through years of hard work and vigorous training, Joseph Sager has definitely earned the title Athlete of the Week.

Ever since he was young he tried numerous sports such as football, basketball, and track, but overall baseball was his first choice.

Joe started playing baseball when he was five years old and since then has played on various rec teams, on the Titans, and just this year made it on the high school junior varsity baseball team.

He is a pitcher for the JV team and had even pitched in his first high school scrimmage on Wednesday, March 22, getting one strikeout and two fly-outs. Although he’s fairly busy with baseball practice, Joe manages to participate in others sports such as rec basketball at the local Community Center.

When asked what he likes most about the team, Joe quickly respond, “I like the game, people, and my teammates, except for Shane Clunan,”  he said jokingly.

His goal this season is to “ Go four innings in one game” and overall one of his biggest accomplishments in his baseball career is making the high school baseball team.

The baseball season started on Friday, March 24 at an away game in Seneca Valley.

Be sure to check out Joe’s amazing pitching and batting skills on that diamond shaped field he calls home.

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