Student of the Week: Nathan Marzina


Joey Bova

Nathan having fun in Game Coding

Name? Nathan Marzina

Grade? 11th

Favorite teacher? class? Mr. Oswald, but my favorite class is AP Java.

Favorite color?  Blue

Favorite season?  Summer

Zodiac sign? Pisces

Favorite TV show and/or movie? My current favorite TV show is “Dexter” and my favorite movie is “The Truman Show.”

What terrible movie do you love? “Good Burger”

School activities you participate in? I was on the varsity soccer team and plan on participating on the tennis team.

What’s your favorite song? “Nino Mode” by Big Neen

Any good advice to underclassmen? Get involved, you don’t want to look back and see you weren’t involved in any extracurricular activities. 

What’s your favorite inspirational quote? “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

You’re on a deserted island and you can only bring three things. What are you bringing? A knife, a hammock, and clothes

Your favorite meme at the moment? Shocked Pikachu

Favorite restaurant? Texas Roadhouse

Have any hobbies?  Soccer and DECA

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? St. Maarten, the Caribbean.

What’s your favorite animal?  Turtles

What are your plans for the future?  To blow up, and act like I don’t know nobody.

Afraid of anything? Loneliness

Favorite scent?  Vanilla

A place you’d someday like to visit? Tokyo, Japan.