Meme Review Monday: Bird Box meme is dangerous


Layton City Police Dept.

**Embargo: Salt Lake City, Utah** Police say a teenager participating in the latest viral challenge is responsible for a crash on a parkway and will face reckless driving charges.

A new segment hitting the surface of Hawk Eye is Meme Reviews. This week’s Meme Review is the Bird Box meme.

Everyone is going around their community with blindfolds on and doing “challenges” to try and one-up each other. People are even driving and shopping blindfolded.

YouTube has recently started banning videos involving the challenge due to it not complying with the safety and regulation rules.

Netflix has also put out a statement saying not to do the challenge, and they are trying to get the point across that doing the challenge will hurt you.

While this meme is funny, it is very, and I mean VERY, dangerous.


Other than the dangerous aspect of it, the meme is quite funny.

People driving around the streets running into telephone poles, fences, mailboxes, etc. is quite comical. People going shopping blindfolded and running into shoppers with their carts, trying to throw items in their carts and hitting customers is also funny.

Overall, I’d rate this meme a 4/10. While the meme is funny, it’s not top tier. “Bird Box” had the opportunity with the movie. It did have the best opening for it being a new movie, but there doesn’t need to be any dangerous challenges out there trying to compete with the show.