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Dylan Shields
Whether he's on the track or in the music wing, Dylan Shields is practicing to be his best.

Dylan is a senior at Bethel Park High School and this is his first year in Journalism.

Before running cross country and doing track, Dylan played soccer for the school team.

Dylan absolutely loves soccer with all his heart.

After high school, he plans to go to Millersville or Penn State to study meteorology.

This year, he plans on writing articles about things that happen in BPHS and sports.

If Dylan could have three wishes, he would want a wife and kids, a nice house and world peace!

When asked if he could go anywhere, where would it be? Dylan responded with, "I'd like to go to Hollywood and meet my favorite celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon."

Dylan is a hard worker and its great to have him as a member of Hawk Eye!


Written By: Erin Dublin, Staff Writer

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

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Dylan Shields