ATTENTION SENIORS: Stop by the Tarr’s House on Sylvania Drive to sign poster!


Dylan Shields

Seniors 2020 poster displaying many senior signatures outside the Tarr’s house.

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

This is for seniors only.  Now, as you guys know, Bethel Park students haven’t really been able to do anything together or go anywhere over the past two months.

Students and parents of seniors are trying to figure out ways we can celebrate and remember our last year at Bethel Park even though we aren’t physically at school.

The Tarr family has done something very unique and cool for us.  On Sylvania Drive, they have a big poster saying “Congrats BPHS Seniors” and there’s plenty of room for seniors to sign their name on it.  The goal is to get every single senior to sign it so at graduation we can all see it.

Now, I already did it.  And I’ve seen a decent amount of seniors sign it.  But I want to see everyone make an effort to sign that poster.  If we can get all seniors to do it, think of how awesome it will look when we receive our diplomas in a couple of weeks.

It’s easy and it won’t even take you two minutes.  There are different colored markers that you can choose, and there’s also hand sanitizer for when you are done.

Just think of the accomplishment we students will have made to have done something special despite the pandemic still going on!  It’ll be something we seniors will never forget!

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