Don’t catch Senioritis!

Trust me, you’ll thank me in June!

Black and white image of man having senioritis


Black and white image of man having senioritis

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

Well, it’s that time of the year for Bethel Park students.  The time where people just want the year to end because Christmas is long gone, and spring break and prom are months away.

This is especially the case for senior students.  You see, there’s a big disease that is typical for any senior high school student called Senioritis.  That means that the seniors won’t care about their grades, because they know that they are guaranteed for college, so they really don’t work as hard as they normally would.

Now, there are good points as to why you don’t have to try as hard.  You really are guaranteed to graduate and move on as long as you don’t do awful in one of your classes, so what’s the point of killing your brain, when you can rest it and prepare it for the long journey ahead?

However, you may not want to have Senioritis!  Don’t forget, if you fail ONE core class, you won’t graduate.  You have to keep going and work hard.  Learning different things from different topics can help you out too, and prepare you even better for whatever college you plan on going to.

As well, this is a good lesson in life to learn.  For example, in sports, when you are winning a game, do you just not try and say, “Well it’s over, we won!”?  No, you keep going until the clock hits 0:00, and you officially win.

As well, when you are trying to construct a building, and you are almost done, you don’t just leave and let everyone else finish.  You finish together as a team.

In general, working hard until the end of the school year will help you realize that real life gives you the same situation.

Unless if there’s a cliffhanger, you don’t like watching a movie, TV series, or reading a book without a clear ending, right?  The same applies to school.  Trust me, don’t act like it’s June in February.  Keep getting good grades, and it will all pay off on June 13.

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