Opinion: Driver’s licenses should be digital

A Pennsylvania driver's license.

Wikimedia Commons

A Pennsylvania driver's license.

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

Citizens of the United States have had to earn their way to driving by getting a driver’s license since it first came out in 1903.  For over a hundred years, we have used a little card as our license.

However, over those years, technology has been revolutionized all over the world.  From smartphones to self-driving cars, technology has changed how we think of the world that we live in.  And this begs the question:  If many things are now digital thanks to technology, why do we still have to get a paper license?

My parents have told me stories over the years of how long it’s taken for the process to get their license.  There weren’t even seats back then.  They had to stand in a line forever for hours.

Now I don’t have my license yet, but I have a permit.  And getting that permit was a painful process.  I was sitting there for almost three hours just to take a test that didn’t even take me five minutes!  And the employees that worked there weren’t the friendliest people by all means.  And let’s not forget that I had to go all the way downtown just to get it.

All of this that I had to go through led me to my opinion,  and it’s that a driver’s license should be able to be accessed on your phone and even computer.  Some may disagree due to a little paper being easier to bring with you but hear me out for a second.

First of all, it leaves more room in your wallet, allowing other types of cards to go in your wallet.  My dad takes care of his phone way more than his wallet, so people would be more responsible for it.

In addition, people, in general, use their phones more than anything else, so it would be so much easier to keep your license.  If you have to show it to the police, all you have to do is pop it up on your phone, instead of relentlessly looking through your messy wallet and trying to find your license.

Finally, wouldn’t it be so much easier just to get your license online?  Why would you drive 30 minutes and wait hours to get your license, when you can sit on your couch, fill in all your information on a computer, and have your license on a mobile device?

This idea will save time, gas money, and a long day waiting at PennDOT.

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