How long will COVID-19 last?

3D+medical+animation+still+shot+showing+the+structure+of+a+coronavirus. / CC BY-SA (

3D medical animation still shot showing the structure of a coronavirus.

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

For two months now, Bethel Park students have stayed away from the high school.  And now, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that all schools in PA are closed for the remainder of the school year.

And the cause of this is the coronavirus that first took place in China on December 1 of last year.  This virus has extended all around the world to places like Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and of course, the United States.

As of now, 41,155 people in the US have died from COVID-19, and 1,112 have passed away in PA.  This is causing people to wonder how long this is going to last, and when our lives will be back to normal.

So far, it’s looking like it’s still going to be a couple of more months in terms of staying in our homes.  Bigger events like concerts will not return until Fall 2021.  And sports leagues like the NFL and MLB look like they will play with no fans to start.  And the NBA and NHL are questioned to return this year.

President Donald Trump has said that the warmer weather might cause the cases to go down pretty well.  Currently, it’s still spring, but summer is not too far ahead.  Many experts predicted that once summer hits, the cases should go down.

However, the virus won’t completely go away until a vaccine is made, and experts said that will take a year to make.

That’s why many people are questioning when our lives will go back to normal.  Some people say it will be a year while others say it’ll be months.  The more optimistic people say by the summer we’ll be back.

Florida is already opening back up their beaches.  And thousands of people have been on the beaches.

In my personal opinion, this will still be here in a year, but our lives should be back by then.  I think it comes down to what events will open back up.  In terms of restaurants and schools, I’d say by August restaurants will open back up.  In the sports world, I think the NHL and NBA may have to play in front of either limited or no fans.  I think as well the MLB and NFL will have to at least start with no fans.  However, by this time next year, we should be able to enjoy sports and go back to school.