Snowtastic! Unexpected Friday snow cancels most schools in Pittsburgh

On the anniversary of Snowmageddon too!

Snow in Pittsburgh during First North American blizzard of 2010

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Snow in Pittsburgh during First North American blizzard of 2010

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

What irony.  On the anniversary of the 2010 blizzard in Pittsburgh, unexpected snow arrived in the Pittsburgh area late Thursday night into Friday morning.  The main roads were covered with snow and ice.  Many people had to shovel their driveways just to try to get out of them.

As plow trucks tried to get rid of the snow, most of the school districts decided to cancel their school classes to keep the students and staff safe.  One of those schools was, indeed, our own district of Bethel Park.

At first, people got calls and emails saying there was a two-hour delay, hoping the roads would be clear.  However, the roads were just too snowy and icy, and Bethel decided to not have any classes.  Obviously, students were excited to find out this announcement, considering there was a three-day weekend thanks to the cancellation.

For Bethel, it was announced yesterday that the day will be scheduled on April 9 (Holy Thursday).  Many students expected President’s Day (next Monday) to be the replacement, but because teachers have a scheduled inservice, they couldn’t.

By the late morning, the roads were clear enough for people to drive, so the controversy over whether it should’ve been a two-hour delay instead will be talked about.  At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry and have cars slip all over the place.  However, let’s hope that there are only more delays and no cancellations.  Otherwise, spring break will be gone for Bethel Park. AGAIN!!!!