Opinion: Valentine’s Day is the best… if you have a date!

For singles, it sucks.


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

The silhouette of a couple with a heart full of hearts in the background.

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

Today, February 14, marks the day of “love” celebrated around the world.  It all started at the end of the fifth century when Pope Gelasius declared this very day as “St. Valentine’s Day.”  Not too much later, people celebrated this day as a day of “love.”

Now, if you have a date or are married, there’s no doubt this is one of your favorite days of the year.  Why?  Well, it’s simple.  You give gifts to each other and celebrate your love for each other.  Whether it’s going out for dinner or going to a movie, you know today’s is going to be a fun day.

Now, for the singles, including me.  Let’s be honest.  Today is going to suck for us.  We have to watch as couples are having a good time today, while we are on the sidelines wishing we have someone beside us.  And it’s even worse when your parents keep mentioning it when you just want to forget about it.  If there was any day that someone would want to fly by fast, it would be today for the singles.

So, here’s my opinion on Valentine’s Day.  I’ll admit, as a guy with no girlfriend, it is a bit depressing to think about.  But I always think of two things to make me feel better.  First, it’s not necessary to have a girlfriend, especially in high school.  Rarely, high school couples go on to marry each other, so it really doesn’t matter.

Another thought is that I still have people that love me.  And it’s my family.  That’s truly what matters.  Whether it’s my cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpaps, sister, and parents, I know they all truly love me.  And I love them back.  So truly, at the end of the day, everyone is celebrating Valentine’s Day because of family.

So, single guys, give your mom and dad a hug and tell them how much you truly appreciate them because that is the point of celebrating today.

And to couples, go out and have fun and do whatever you want.  This day is yours to enjoy, so take advantage of it.

But overall, everyone, coupled or not, should be able to enjoy and have a great Valentine’s Day in 2020.