Is Christmas really all about the presents?



Christmas Presents Gifts - Free photo on Pixabay

Dylan Shields, Opinions Editor

Christmas is an important annual tradition that dates back to the year 336, celebrated by the Roman Empire.  For thousands of years, people have been celebrating mainly due to the man himself,  St. Nicholas (Santa) being born in 280 A.D.

Many people have different traditions, but the most popular one is the joy of having wrapped gifts under a bright, green Christmas Tree.  For many people, especially kids, Santa and presents are what Christmas is all about.  Many children look forward to Christmas for the sole reason of Santa coming through their chimney to give them gifts if they are good.

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However, is Christmas really all about Santa?  In reality, it’s actually the complete opposite.  Many adults and kids miss the true point of Christmas existing.

The real reason why on December 25 we are all celebrating is because that date was the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.  This date was the start of a new era for our world, and Jesus brought peace to our world and made the world a better place.  His birth was the first official year in terms of the calendar year, which shows how iconic and important this man was.


( Angels pray at the birth of Christ. Nativity scene on Christmas card showing Mary and Joseph in the stable with the Christ child surrounded by angels with shepherds looking on and the star of Bethlehem in the background. Chromolithograph.Z)

The holiday of Christmas is also about spending time with the people you care about most, whether it’s family, friends, or both.  This day gives people time to thank their families for everything they’ve done, and helps them truly appreciate how much they love one another.  When you sit at the dinner table on the 25th of December, it’s not just an everyday family sit down; it’s a moment in time where you look back at the whole year and realize how great families truly are.

These reasons are why kids need to realize the true meaning of Christmas.  No matter how old they are, children recognizing that Jesus is the real reason that we are celebrating is important.  Otherwise, kids may turn spoiled, expecting gifts every year because of tradition.

Yes, I admit, it is awesome to receive and give gifts every year; everyone looks forward to it.  But I realize that this is just a small portion of the real cause of celebrating.  December 25 is the true beginning of eternal life.

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