The BPHS Marching Band stands proudly outside of the main entrance of the high school.

Photo credit: Shelley Crowe
The BPHS Marching Band stands proudly outside of the main entrance of the high school. Photo credit: Shelley Crowe

Marching Band to honor senior members

The Marching Band will celebrate all the seniors this Friday, Oct. 20.

Every year for Senior Night, the Marching Band performs a new song, chosen by all the seniors. 

The seniors this year chose “Toxic” by Brittney Spears.

Current senior Tessa Ferris is excited to perform this on Friday.

When asked how she feels about being a senior, Ferris said: “To me being a senior is a very bittersweet feeling. I am excited to get started with my future and move on with the rest of my life. I am also sad to leave, the thought that I will never be a Bethette again or that I have to leave my underclassmen friends behind is very sad but I think that I will always have those memories so it’ll be okay and it’s time to move on and start my future.”

The students learned the new song and the majorettes and Bethettes learned new dances in an impressive amount of time.

It only took one week for them to have everything mastered. 

The Bethette seniors each have their own eight counts of a dance they get to create and teach the underclassmen Bethettes. 

Delaney Puskas, current Bethette squad leader, was happy to teach her eight-count

It was a melancholy feeling to teach my senior eight because it’s something I’ve been looking forward to for the last two years,” Delaney continued on to say. “I was super excited to teach it, but I was sad because it meant my time on the field was ending.”

Senior Bethette members pose for a picture on the track in the stadium.

The majorettes dance with members of the band.

Amber Kuss, head majorette, is excited to see how this performance goes.

“I think that senior night is one of the most fun parts of Marching Band. I love to work with the boys and teach them the choreography, each one of them takes it so seriously, and it’s so much fun!” Kuss said when asked about her time working with the boys.

Dylan Lawton, Paul Baronak, Jesse Haefner, and Justin Muench are those band members.

Dylan Lawton, who plays the tuba, says, “I’m super excited to be dancing with the majorettes. It’s something I have never done before, but it has been so fun to learn how to twirl!” When asked how learning how to twirl has been.

The charting, how the band moves on the field, was created by senior, Student Director Justin Muench.

The charting designs a 2024.

Justin Muench said: Making the charting for the senior show felt like a daunting task going into it. I probably had five ideas of what figure to make on the field. I decided upon a 2024 with a border on the top and bottom. Once I got into drawing up the charting, I just got into a zone and kept chugging along. It took me probably about three hours to finish, but I’m very proud of the end result. I’m very much looking forward to watching the film and seeing how it looks from the press box.”

Congratulations to all seniors!

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