Congestion, confusion creates chaos on Black Hawk Drive

Cars, kids, crossing guards, and parents: a typical morning scene on Black Hawk Drive in front of BPHS. You may think that everything would be moving swell. But that is surprisingly not the case. In the mornings at BPHS, it can get hectic due to all of the traffic.

Right in front of BPHS, on Black Hawk Drive, there is a curb cut in the sidewalk that is strictly meant for mini-buses and student vans.

Even though this is a restricted area only meant for mini-buses and student vans, some people still continue to pull into this spot and cause traffic jams in front of the school.

One particular reason as to why there is such a big hold up is because of all of the parents that are dropping their kids in this spot.

This misusage of the sidewalk cut has caused problems for student drivers going to the stadium parking lot, students walking on the side walk going into school, and for the parents that are going to the correct location to drop off their kids.

Since the drop off procedures have been broken, it shows that many parents have not followed the list of procedures that are located on the BPHS website.

By reading the list that informs and instructs the proper and improper ways of maneuvering through Black Hawk Drive, there would be less traffic and less of a hold up in the mornings.

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