Scope out The Sniper at The Main Event


Photo courtesy of Mr. Hooton

On Saturday, Nov. 18, there’s something happening at BPHS that’s never before happened.

The Main Event is going to be a professional wrestling match taking place in BPHS’s own gym at 7 PM. That’s right, a professional wrestling match, in our own school.

It will feature seven matches with professional wrestlers in the ring.

The head custodian at the school, Terry Hackett, is to thank for the event. He, along with Dr. J, have been planning this for over a year.

They have created The Main Event as a fundraiser for PACS.

Hackett came up with the idea because he himself is a professional wrestler. He has been wrestling for years under the name The Sniper.

Just ask around! Many teachers have traveled out to Lawrenceville, where his wrestling group is based, to watch him!

He works with organizations such as RYSE, who is hosting this event. These foundations put on wrestling events for charity and fundraising. His organizations are always up for raising money and doing charity for children.

The Sniper himself will be making an appearance and wrestling in the event along with other professional wrestlers from the RYSE organization.

That’s not all though. When asked about who was participating, school counselor Mr. Knapp said this, “You never know who may get in that ring…”

Could it be Mr. Pokrajac, who wrestled at Bethel in high school? He even wrestled Kurt Angle in a match against Mt. Lebo.

Maybe it’s even Dr. J himself!

Come check out The Main Event and see for yourself!

Get advance tickets now for a lower price or buy them at the show. Advance tickets can be purchased in the main office.

Ringside is $12 for advanced and $14 at the door.

An adult ticket is $10 for advanced and $12 at the door.

Student tickets are $6 for advanced and $7 at the door.

Any child 12 and under is $5.

There will also be merchandise and autographs from the wrestlers at the event.

Make sure you come check it out to not only see an exciting wrestling match but to also support PACS!

It’s sure to be a slam!

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