Big Data Jam concludes with BP students securing top three spots

Russell Finelsen, Assistant Editor, Sports Editor

The 2015 Big Data Jam recently concluded, and BP did spectacular in the competition.

Three separate teams placed first, second, and third in the competition. Each team was comprised of six students.

In first place was Akhil Rajasekar, Aaron Coplan, Adam Musciano, Adam Ackerman, Steven Davis, and Tara Nath. Their project was titled “Factors of Economic Success,” and it studied the economy and what affects it.

Cassidy DeLeo, Maggie Wolf, Harrison Zelt, Noah Friday, Tarush Bahl, and Justin Nath were members of the second place team. Their project was “Factors That Influence College Enrollment and Graduation Rates.” This project focused on students in college and how many graduated each year.

The other BP group placed in third. This group included Maura Ellsworth, Wil Dun, Corinne Swogger, Cassie Brown, Abby Hartzell, and Nick Marsteller, and their project was entitled “Academic Performance in High School vs. Crime Rate.” The project concentrated on students with and without criminal records and their respective grades.

“Big Data was a great experience,” Ellsworth said. “I was proud to represent Bethel Park maily when we won the top three places.”

The Big Data Jam was sponsored by Pittsburgh Dataworks. Founded in 2013, Pittsburgh Dataworks is non-profit and focuses on teaching and challenging students on technology to prepare them for future education and a job, whether it be in a big firm or in a new, small business. The company also helps cities to improve their technological business growth, which positively affects the economy. Pittsburgh Dataworks was formed with help from Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, and other big firms around the world that rely on technology and want to help the city of Pittsburgh become more technologically advanced.

“I learned a lot about computer science and analyzing data,” Ellsworth said.

The tournament was held at the University Club in the University of Pittsburgh.

More than 100 high school students participated in the Big Data Jam. These students came from five high schools in the Pittsburgh area. BPHS and their students are included in this count.

Congratulations to the students who placed in the event.