There needs to be a culture change at BPHS

Joey Cinello, Staff Writer

Recently, Bethel Park has had its regional and national image change with some of the events that have occurred in recent weeks and months at Bethel Park High School.

It all started back in October when a student at BPHS helped make the school get national news coverage, and it wasn’t in a good way.

A note was found by a teacher that the student drew, he wrote on the paper about how he was going to bomb the school.

The note caused chaos among the student body and led to most students leaving the school whether they feared the bomb or not.

This note being found was the start of the tarnishing of BPHS’s strong, rich tradition of creating solid students and adults.

Later in October, a disrespectful act of racism occurred when a BPHS student sent out a controversial Snapchat picture. The student had a Confederate flag in the background, and the caption of the photo read, “They should all hang.”

The student and his father both believe that what he did wasn’t wrong, but there’s no excuse for this, and it shouldn’t be tolerated.

The most recent, and most despicable act as a student body occurred last week at the assembly, on Thursday, Nov. 20.

Pharmacy students at Duquesne University took time out of their busy college life to inform the student body of the dangers of illegal and prescription drugs.

Once the assembly started, there was nothing but disrespect from the student body. From the get-go of the assembly, some students had their eyes glued on their phones playing Trivia Crack and not on the task at hand, which was the assembly. The act of disdain continued after a tweet was sent out for all students to start a slow clap at 2 p.m.

These are only some of the major acts of showing no respect among the entire BPHS body, and it all needs to stop.

Students need to start respecting all faculty, students, and visitors.

Also, students need to realize why they are in school, and the reason for being in school is to learn. It’s a privilege to be able to come to school, and students need to appreciate that fact.

Do you really want to stain the history of BPHS, and let down our parents, grandparents, and former Bethel Park students?