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Joey Cinello, Staff Writer

Have you ever been walking through the halls of BPHS and seen that Leonardo di Caprio lookalike? That's NOT Joey Cinello!

This senior is one of our school's pitchers on the varsity baseball squad.

When he isn't playing baseball, he's baggin' your groceries at the local Shop 'n Save. "Yeah, I'll tell you right now, my job is the worst. I don't plan on doing it much longer."

Post high school, Cinello hopes to major in journalism at Pitt Johnstown and hopes to pitch for the Mountain Cats at UPJ.

After college, Cinello aspires to go on to be a sports writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. He's already got some experience writing under his belt, as he has a successful blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh Pirates, known as The Bucco Blog.

When he isn't bagging groceries or practicing his pitch, you can catch him ridin' dirty in his Toyota Solara, which he affectionately calls Sally.

When he was asked why he took this class, Joey said, "To better my writing skills for the future and have a better chance at becoming a sports writer. Hallelujah."

The Cinello clan, as most Italian families are, is large. Joey has five sisters and one brother, and with those numbers, too many nieces and nephews to count. Some of which are older than him. I know, right?

But anyway, you can catch Joey in the sports section of the Hawk Eye where he'll most likely be writing about our hometown Pittsburgh Pirates.

Written by: Angelo Bruno, Staff Writer

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Joey Cinello