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Natalie Coccagno
“In the end, we’re all fighting to be the best economy. We fight each other while we’re trying to be the best, but in the end, we’re all trying to get America’s economy all the way up. Then, we become number one,” Natalie Coccagno, friend of the future Wolf of Wall Street, said.

Natalie Coccagno, also known as nut coconuts, prefers to be called Ace. Natalie is a 17-year-old senior and also the Dancing Queen. She aspires to be a filmmaker to make the next Almost Famous.

Natalie participates in lacrosse and yearbook club at school, dabbles in photography, and plays Super Mario Bros in her free time. She believes it is still the Year of Luigi, but we all know that died in 2013. She also works at Goodwill.

She took Journalism because it is fun and she would like to contribute a radio station to Hawk Eye this year. She believes journalism is important because the people need to know what is happening in the world. She is in the works of creating a podcasts for Hawk Eye and was inspired by her favorite podcasts, Welcome to Nightvale and Lizard People.

She is a spicy Virgo who would break her Ed Sheeran vinyl over an enemy’s head.

She is a returner to this class and has come back for vengeance.

Don’t sleep on Natalie Coccagno.

Written by: Zoe Zilcosky, Staff Writer

Natalie Coccagno, Staff Writer

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Natalie Coccagno