Soothing Song Sundays: Sunday Morning

Natalie Coccagno, Staff Writer

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When you wake up to the sun shining on your bed and a chilly breeze in your room, there’s really nothing else you would rather do than listen to a soothing song and relax.

When one is in this situation, they’re most likely to try to listen to something that’ll fit the mood; no modern day pop songs will fit, and neither will Darude’s “Sandstorm.” 

When you’re roaming through your music library, decide to switch to your streaming site or YouTube to look up The Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning.”

Lou Reed’s gentle voice plays over the dainty noise of a celesta piano, reading deep lyrics.

Historically, Lou Reed was never supposed to be the main vocalist of the song. The album the song is on, The Velvet Underground & Nico, features singer and supermodel Nico, who was originally going to sing the smooth song. Lou Reed had even wrote it to fit her style and voice, but decided to sing it himself for the studio recording, while Nico would sing it live.

Sunday Morning’s lyrics are what makes the song great; they’re somewhat hopeful and secure, but still mysterious and makes one curious as to their meaning. There are many interpretations of the words and their true meanings.

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