Is Enrichment really enriching?

Natalie Coccagno, Staff Writer

A variable in the school systems down at IMS and NAMS is the class Enrichment.

To get into this class, you have to do a puzzle that any child is capable of preforming, but my “straight-A” friend didn’t make it into class.

Personally, I believe that this class is just handpicking random students that took the the test and placing them into a class that teaches useless information. If we aren’t all learning it, then how important can the subject be?

In the middle school, this class didn’t bother me because I knew that once we were placed into high school, all of the nonsense would be over and everybody would be learning similar things (other than electives that are chosen by the students themselves). These thoughts from my middle school days are now thrown into the trash after one year into high school.

We are bringing Enrichment to high school which is corrupting a student’s education by taking them out of classes that are required for other students who are not in the class. Enrichment shouldn’t be barging into a normal student’s life by taking them out of important classes to do pointless and meaningless thing for a whole day, and sometimes longer than that.